Calm Sea

Gaining Hope Through Restoration of Body, Spirit, and Mind.

Office + Mobile Services

Our goal is to eliminate barriers that keep the  community from receiving Chiropractic care, by offering Chiropractic in the most convenient way possible. We offer an unconventional way to receive life giving chiropractic adjustments. You can visit our office, or we can visit yours. Your home, church, office, charity organization, advocacy center, gym, or event.

We are excited and blessed to be serving New Bern, NC and surrounding areas.

What We Do

Dr. Brandi will use a neurologically based protocol that utilizes a series of reflexes that works to locate exact areas of neurological interference, known as the Torque Release Technique. Using a gentle adjusting tool (the Integrator) this interference is cleared. This improved communication allows the body to do what it was designed to do, heal itself.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis looking for heavy metal toxicity and mineral imbalances is a core part of the practice, where individualized nutrition plans are adapted to clear heavy metals and bring mineral balance back to the body.

Functional Microbiome testing that can help you discover the metabolic activity in your gut and understand how this connects to your current state of health.

Urinalysis testing for glyphosate levels, mold, food allergies, and others are available through our partner lab, Great Plains Laboratory.

Meet Dr. B


Early on Dr.B had a conviction to practice alternative medicine with a focus on prevention. When she learned that Chiropractic was the largest sector of alternative medicine, it peaked her interest greatly. After experiencing the great benefits of regular Chiropractic care for herself and learned of the philosophy, it was clear that she found God's path for her life. After finishing undergraduate requirements she hurriedly attended Chiropractic school in Dallas, Texas at Parker University.

Restoration of Spirit and Mind

The original word "doctor" comes from latin meaning  teacher. Dr. B takes that title seriously, which is why education is a big piece of Restored Life Chiropractic.

You were made to live and live well. In this blog you will get very practical information on how to do that.

Look for periodic posts here full of information about restoring your body, spirit, and mind.

A full blog-style website is currently under construction, full of educational tools and wellness products available for purchase, including some of the best supplements and CBD oils.