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Essential Oils for All Things Health

Updated: May 6, 2019

Essential oils have been in the news for a while now. From what I've seen, you either love them, or haven't been taught much about them. These powerful medicines (yes, MEDICINES not just smelly-good-stuffs) should be a staple in every home, everywhere. I have used tons of brands, including all the big ones. I have been a member/shopper with many of them, but nothing compares to Young Living. Not only do they have superior oils, really, but they also have a wide array of home products that we are all buying on a daily basis from companies that do NOT have our best interests in mind. Everything you can use from Young Living in your home is 100% toxin free, safe, VERY effective, and much cheaper. Some people argue that last point, but because Young Living's products are so concentrated and powerful, the product goes much farther than the highly diluted products you're buying anywhere else. With Essential Rewards you get points back on every purchase, and can earn up to 25% back on everything you buy. It doesn't take long for your products to pay for themselves. Do you get that benefit at any grocery or health-food store? I sure don't know of any.

Being a Chiropractor who is a strong proponent of all things health, wellness, and preventative care, I became convicted that I wasn't being as true to my principles as I should have when it came to products I was using at home. Let's face it, it can be pretty expensive to buy the most "organic" and "natural" products from stores, even when using online retailers. Not to mention the fact that it doesn't take a lot of searching to realize these super expensive products were not near as clean as they labeled themselves as, not to mention they weren't good for me. Just because something isn't as dangerous to you, doesn't mean it is beneficial. Young Living's products of home cleaners and products are actually good for you! The ingredients not only naturally deter harmful bacteria and viruses, but boost your immune system while they're out fighting the good fight! Can you imagine cleaning your bathroom and your cells at the same time!? It happens. Every day when I use Thieves' cleaner.

We can talk forever about all the therapeutic benefits of essential oils, and all the uses of different ones. We will get that opportunity (in small doses) in this blog. For now I wanted to offer an introductory post to be sure everyone knew Young Living is more

than individual Essential Oils. There are meal replacements, snacks, an amazing drink, toothpaste, makeup, and the list goes on.

Find a friend or family member who can get you started, or go to the link here to get started with me! Education is key. Learn about essential oils through this blog and many others that can help you on this journey. Essential oils are powerful medicine, and should be treated as such. Their benefits go on and on, and I never cease to be amazed by all the stories I hear of people's lives being transformed by switching to natural products and doing their best to prevent disease. Even more than "healthy cleaning" are all the benefits of reaching for essential oils first, before over the counter medications.

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